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I lost all my worlds

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1. Did you change your game to beta in the meantime?

2. Try to search your game files for the saves. If they're still there it should be possible to fix it, you cann find them in documents, Klei, DoNotStarveTogether, a buncha numbers folder.

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@BezKa Thanks for the reply but I've already fixed it, but I really don't know how I did it.

It seems the game didn't detect my saved worlds, probably due to the crash, so I decided to give up and start a new world, but surprisingly, instead of creating a new world, the game loaded the first world I had. I disconnected from the server to see what had happened and all my worlds came back.

As I said, I don't really know why that happened, but I was afraid that if I created a new world, my old world would be gone forever.

Thanks again for replying so fast

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