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Wortox QOL (Console)

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Wortox on console uses a Soul Hop mechanic which actives when pressing the O button. Which is also the same button to interact with Cooking on the Crockpot, or Digging with the Shovel, etc. Pressing O too early, or not aimed properly wastes your Soul and sends you several paced away, which quickly becomes annoying.

My suggestion is simple. I'd much rather have this be set to the Triangle button, as I seldom interact with items, maybe have a toggle setting in the menu, for O or Triangle, Soul Hopping - Maybe even Telepoofing too.

I know this has been suggested a billion times, but making noise is making awareness. The predetermined and unchangeable range of the Soul Hop is absolutely dreadful. Being able to alter and save the location yourself would be a drastically huge improvement. Perhaps when you press R2 (the button that allows you to rearrange items on your bar) you can also alter the position of your Soul Hop. Maybe R2(hold)+Triangle can open a sort of Moving Soul Hop Position State? 

Just food for thought. I think its a long overdue change for Wortox. Thanks for your time!

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