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What is your most minimalist build for anything ?

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What is your minimalist build for anything :confused::confused::confused:

Accolade proudly presents...The Gulag Rocket !

image.thumb.png.8504f8e4a704c0b75f032ab659578584.png   A minimalist rocket design :ghost: image.png.f306faf0f4a3a4f850215d940305e54c.png

image.thumb.png.25bd1e4c4f2406aee7edd6126a26408e.png Glutnik I - VI Simple Plastico Space Research Vessels image.thumb.png.c26b5f4973a26dbbd722eb9598062922.png

It will all end in Iron Maiden hotel smashups and dupe punches :boxing::boxing::boxing:

image.thumb.png.c34892e7b898d83a3d87b6ddb2e3b6b4.png New space whisky distilleries  :congratulatory:

image.thumb.png.11475c09e207524814b95d5658a6cac5.png Research Techno Party

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