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Wes balloon dealing less damage on some targets

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Hi, how to make the Balloon (pop damage) deals different damage only for certain targets? (Checking player tag and follower component with a leader)

I want edit Wes balloons to deal 1 damage on them, and 5 to all other targets, someone can help?

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"Solved", I did check on combat.CalcDamage, with AddComponentPostInit. Unfortunelly doing it on 'balloon' prefab dont works for me, so, all calc damages will check this. Isn't the best, but if someone want know how do it, here is:

local ALLY_DMG = 1
local function OverrideCombat(comp)
	local oldCalcDamage = comp.CalcDamage
	comp.CalcDamage = function(self, target, weapon, multiplier)
		local dmg = oldCalcDamage(self, target, weapon, multiplier)
		if target ~= nil and self.inst.prefab == "balloon" then
			local has_player_leader = target.components.follower ~= nil and target.components.follower.leader ~= nil and target.components.follower.leader:HasTag("player") and true or false
			if (target:HasTag("Player")) or (target:HasTag("companion") or has_player_leader) then
				dmg = ALLY_DMG
		return dmg
AddComponentPostInit("combat", OverrideCombat)


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