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[Tip] The Secret Power of Flowers

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There were no aspirin in the stone age (can you believe it?). So our ancestors used plants, that were natural medicines. The same you can do in Don't Starve.

Probably, in the late game, you'll have enough food to heal yourself without risk of wasting hunger. But what if you're in the early game? There isn't much of food, but there will always be lots of flowers!

A flower heals one hp. This could pass unnoticed because -hey- it's just one hp. And you don't recover any hunger from flowers, so this could seem useless. But, what if you have 32 flowers? 32 Flowers=32 HPs. And getting flowers isn't that difficult.

*Expert players probably already know that, but that's a little tip for newbies just like me*

*Excuse me for my bad english, but I'm neither american nor english, I'm Italian*

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