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Rocket management UX and command problems

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The way rocket management is being held in the current game has multiple problems

First, Lunching sequence, which should be just click and go, is made complicated thanks to strange design choice.

It is not too apparent at early game, but in later stage of the game this gets very annoying.


These are the same rocket selected from inside and outside.




From outside of the rocket, I can make it lift off. But from inside of rocket, by selecting the control station, I can not make it leave the planet.

This means, whenever I want to lunch the ship for a mission, I my camera needs to be at the rocket from outside. But camera goes at the bottom of the map because I was working with some steam boiler. I have to scroll whyyy up every time I manage the rocket. With added lagging this make me takes few minutes just to confirm the launch. And because the ships now getting spread out in the asteroids, to manage, I have to jump accross different maps every time I do that. Just make it accessible from control module inside the rocket. Just put that launch mission button over there. WHY NOT? This makes a lot more sense. Because now, you can only change the course.




On the other hand, Trailblazer and Rover, Orbital cargo module has similar problem. You can not control it from the control station inside the rocket. This gets even worse with Trailblazer. Because, when you make a dupe land in the new asteroid, that asteroid is safe to assume has an extreme environment. This fatal erorr of sending dupe in to a magna asteroid without an atomosuit frequently made due to this poor design choice. And I was very surprised that there was no warning for that what so ever. Because there is a warning for abandoning ship and cargo not shipped fully. The rover and trailblazer should be launchable from the control station. I have to double check if the dupe in mission is wearing the suit, then open up the space map, then click the space ship from outside, then make it lunch remembering who wears the suit. And there is no need for a new animation dupe riding the lander, just make dupe leave the ship. With this change, I can confirm landing while checking the dupe in mission. Not changing between maps.

And for some reason, by default it excluded the dupe leaving the ship via Trailblazer from the crew. Ummmm... I want to ask why? You gonna have to build the platform asap and have to have an access of the ship asap? And my "exiled" may not get the food and oxygen needed because of what I will mention now.


Also, the second problem I want to mention is a conflicting setting of "interior building restriction" and "Crew change". If you set "Grounded" with "Crew" option, your dupe will make a mess and starve inside the rocket when landed. That is because "Crew" button makes crew members stays inside the rocket no matter what, and "Grounded" makes buildings disabled while on the ground.

I thought "Crew" was for "Crew access only". This almost killed 4 dupes in my playthrough because they were starving to death in front of hundreds of thousands calories of food. The interior was a mess dupe to peeing all over the place, even there was a toilet.

Those buttons needs to be relabeled as "ALL", "Crew", "Crew Stays". And When you try "Crew Stays" and "Grounded" combined, there should be a warning.




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10 hours ago, NeoDeusMachina said:

Why do you write in capital letters? Your post (and other posts you have made on the forums) just reads as hostile and it is not very inviting to contribute anything to your thread.

This taken 8 of my dupes and had to reload the game or somthing. I was frustrated with my 80hour save ruined

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18 hours ago, juni3227 said:

The rover and trailblazer should be launchable from the control station.

? I can launch them from control station.



For "Crew" + "Grounded", I noticed that before and used a starmap sensor to control the control station. That can change grounded or not restricted by automation.

Seriously, positive suggestions are welcome. If you are frustrated and tired, try general discussion first.

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Oh... I must have confused because I am running multiple ships at once.

But that it. If I want to launch it, I have to click the spacefarer module from outside. That is the point. Why the same button is absent in the control center? Where is "begin launch sequence" button on that?

My typical control flow goes as follow : Check all the cargo, Check Oxylite and food, supply, which I need to see inside of the rocket, then go to the astroid view, find the rocket, click that rocket's spacefarer, confirm launch. This cost me extra minutes. This should not cost extra minutes. I running rockets to mine POI which is far away from the main asteroid, so I figured to build one big rocket and one little smaller that acts as an refuel vehicle. And... Yeah,,, switching between multiple maps takes too long.

All because there is no launch button the the control center. If there were, I do not have to switch between maps at all. Just select to rocket and go.

This is a clear design mistake.


And what I want is to restrict access of the non-crew dupes while enabling the crew members to enter. We do not have that. Using automation just for that does not make sense. Just give us more control over dupe.


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