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Mods Won't Work for Me

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Hello, so recently I have been doing a lot of stuff with mods in Don't Starve Together but for some reason now mods sometimes flat out don't work for me. After I subscribe to the mod in the Steam Workshop, the mod doesn't properly download into the mods folder. I asked a friend and he asked if I was messing around with any mod making, and I told him yes, I have been trying to make myself a custom character but after some trial and error I stopped but now if I subscribe to some mods, they won't work. Some examples of this are the Combined Status mod, Tropical Experience mod, Health Info mod and so many more than that. I was wondering if someone could help. I tried getting the Combined Status mod through here instead of the workshop but the mods saved as a server mod instead of a client mod. Did I mess everything up for myself completely or is there a way I can fix this? image.thumb.png.42f4dfd7346ca6dd299a59b1249fd81f.png

Also if anyone asks, updating the mod doesn't work for me. I know when I click on it, if I am on the Client Mods tab it says "Downloading Combine Status" and then it does nothing so I'm not really sure. Please someone help me if you can

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13 minutes ago, JanH said:

Hey there, sorry to hear that you're having trouble. Could you please provide your client_log.txt file? Also, could you let us know where your mods folder is located currently? 

So I am not really sure where my client_log.txt file would be located? Should it be in the Don't Stave Together folder? But my mods folder is currently located on my computer on This PC/D:\/sTEAM/steamapps/common/Don't Starve Together/mods


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