Waleed & Wali. The young man chained to a small nightmare

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Hi, this has nothing to do with the latest update, it's just a coincidence of eyes.

Waleed is the human.

Wali is the nightmare.

Negative side


Wali never lets go of Walled and doesn't let him get too far either.
You are limited to a 5x5 grass area.

Walled can roll Wali to move "freely". But this is extremely irritating to Wali which makes him slowly drain his sanity.

The torches in Walli's presence last less.

You can carry Wali on your back which slows you down, but Wali finds it uncomfortable, so it will drain your sanity too but a little more slowly this time.

Wali can be used as an anchor just drop you into the sea (this will depend on depth), and will also stab your sanity.
But it cannot be pulled back, unless you...

Jump off the boat.
Use the telelocating staff, but you are sent along with it.

When Waleed is insane.
Wali will be all bristled
Therefore, it is impossible to roll it or load it. If you are carrying it on your back at just the wrong time it will kill you with its thorns.

And at exactly that moment it will do damage in area.



And if he's on boats he'll drill them.

When Waleed jumps into wormholes, he will be dangling from Wali, but he will be able to climb the chain or hide there at the cost of his sanity.
If you're going to jump on one, throw Wali on it first.

Waleed can assemble a cart to push Wali. Which makes Wali satisfied, so he doesn't consume his sanity.

If you lend his cart to any other player or use it to carry other heavy stuff Wali will get jealous and start to drain his sanity.

Positive side


Wali loves to face fire, if he faces fire long enough like 3 seconds he will transmute any fire into night light.
Making fires useless for heating, cooling, and cooking, as well as consuming his sanity and refueling only on nightmare fuel.

Burning creatures will have the same tragic end as bonfires, as the night light will do more damage.

Night light doesn't burn trees but knocks them down the same happens with the items of Mobs and structures.

When Wali is bristled, he will not transmute fire.

Wali loves riding Beefalos, but if you go insane he will damage both you and Beefalo (dropping you and the saddle).

Wali loves wearing hats. If you roll it the hat will fall off. Wali gains sanity for you if he's wearing a sanity hat.

Only a few hats fit in Wali.

Wali wins or loses sanity for you if he's near some notorious aura.

Enlightenment severs your connection with it making you inanimate. If you leave the lighted area and have left Wali behind. You will be teleported to him.

If you give him everything he loves. He will defend you.
(If you're insane he won't).





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This is a conception of art. It was never meant to look pretty.

I made the drawings on different days so they change a lot.

In order to make friends, Walled who had just moved house. Stole something that was definitely more than meets the eye. The other kids couldn't hide that lantern from their parents, so it was up to Walled to hide it.



Years later but still young Walled started to feel guilty and decided to return the stolen item, but arriving home after opening the chest and holding the lamp, he was stunned by a very strong light and began to hear voices accusing him of being a thief.

(I forgot to write the word thief over and over in this part.)

When he realized he could face the black light he was taken by surprise by a Terrorbeak. Slipping backwards until he fell into his own shadow, which had just turned into a portal to the constant as it had been projected by a night light.



(But he ended up in a dimension like Forge and Gorge but in that place he should mine a lot of rocks).

When Waleed realized he was holding a pickaxe and wearing striped clothes and a large intangible eye held him with his one arm.

And he screamed. The frightened creature also bristled and revealed a large amount of sharp thorns.



Suddenly a silence took over everything, and he realized he wasn't the only one there. there were pigs, rabbits, Merms and Krampus in the same situation as him who were looking at with curiosity.

The nightmares present there raged, roaring very loudly, then everyone went back to mining again and faster.
Waleed did the same.

It is not known how many years he spent there, but one day a stone shone, mined it further, and found something silvery that looked like a key.

Walled went on to call the nightmare Wali.

Something I forgot to mention, Waleed takes a sanity penalty whenever he steals something like Tallbird eggs.

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