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How to use other directory than default with dedicated server? In the past I could create bat file with command to load/run server that is on other drive and ot in default directory. How to do that now, since I don't remember the old commands and can't find them anywhere?


So if anyone knows hot to actually run server from different directory by using -persistent_storage_root <AltPersistentStorageRoot>, -config_dir <AltConfigDir>

please let me know how to do it. If I use those commands server can't find the token and can't write to location even if every required file is there and its still searching folder Cluster_1 for some reason.


Why this idiotic server adds /Cluster_1/ to the path I provide to search for files? Obviously there is no such folder there.

What this supposed to be? Can't even run stupid server from the location I want to run it cause nope. I wonder what was so wrong with previous implementation that it was changed to piss people off, without any documentation and a way to run stupid server in a damn folder without the whole hard coded folder structure that needs to be followed.

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