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QOL Features: Locking items to your inventory slots/Adding Trash Option

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This feature is in Terraria and would do great on DST!

I have a lot of Rift Watches for Wanda in my inventory and would like to keep those locked to a certain spot in my inventory each time i socket a purple gem for example instead of it going to the next available slot. 

Trash item feature would be great too. (Have them removed/not added in Dedicated Klei servers though). I do use Lureplants but this would be much better IMO.



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A trash can would be really appreciated but not necessary, as you say we already have the lurplants, not the best but it does exist.
But an inventory with memory to return items to the last used location would be a big step forward.
Realy annoying to always move everything to put the items back as I want.(specially on consol)

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