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Cave disconnect for guests. Still.

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Every time my guest tries to enter the caves it disconnects them. We’re on day 100 so obviously restarting isn’t agreeable. And I don’t think it would matter anyways because I have CONSISTENTLY had this problem over the years with this game and have no answers, nor could I find any online. Obviously the caves are a huge part of the game so not being able to access them is incredibly frustrating. This is the ps4 version. 

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I have never had this problem- not on Xbox One or my new Series S.. I’ve never had this problem as the host, or as someone who joins another persons world.

Which is odd… because the only difference between the PlayStation & Xbox versions of the game is the PlayStation version has Klei Official & Dedicated Servers and Xbox has never had them.

Therefore it COULD be a bug between Cave shards and Klei/Dedicated Servers.

OR.. the more likely case: You or the people your playing withs internet connection isn’t powerful enough to pull between the two shards.

Either way: hopefully you find a solution and are able to play soon. :) 

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