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"Are You Sure?" Warning When Resetting a World After All Players Die

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There should be a warning message that pops up when you regen a world after everyone dies. Upon hitting that button, your world and any rollbacks are instantly wiped, leaving you at the mercy of your backups. Given that there is no in-game way to back-up a world (that I know of), I can't imagine that many players do. It's not ideal for a function that completely deletes your world and rollbacks, no matter what day, to just be one irrevertible click away

Unfortunately my friend and I just lost a very long running world simply because she accidentally hit the button while trying to close out of a mod related menu. Obviously this is mostly to blame on the fact that we didn't have back-ups, and I admit that. However, it still seems silly to have such a potentially destructive button without any kind of verification to make sure that hitting it was intentional. I can't imagine that it would be too hard to add either, and I know this isn't the first thread of someone who had this issue.

I mean, there is more protecting you from accidentally using the Trade Inn on your one and only pair of green long gloves, than there is protecting your world from being wiped clean.

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On 10/14/2021 at 1:19 AM, HumanBean150 said:

More than once I've lost a world simply because I didn't notice the timer tick down as well, I definitely think there should be some safeguard in place.

The timer wasn't even the issue for us. We had loads of meat effigies and life giving amulets really close by. The issue is before we got to that stuff, she was closing out of a mod menu and hit the reset button accidentally which instantly wiped the world with no way of getting it back. One accidental click did that lol. There was nothing to make sure that hitting it was intentional and it just erased everything. Suffice to say I'm pretty bummed. It was the world where I killed my first fuelweaver.

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