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Using a clean sweeper for flowers

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There is a server mod that enables this feature, however, is such a nice addition that i thought it could be vanilla.

Making the clean sweeper re-skin how the flowers look would be a very nice addition for players that like to decorate with them, currently you have to use multiple butterflies to get the exact color you want, but with this feature, it would just become a simple right click.

Clean sweeper could also re-skin; bushes, marble trees, whatever you like. Thoughs?

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I love that mod. Cant imagine base building without it. Specifically because of the ability to sweep marble shrubs  and potted ferns/succulents

with flowers its annoying but possible to pick and replace until u get the one u want but its near impossible to get several of the same type of marble shrub at the same growth stage without the mod. 

Definitely one of many similar simple QoL mods that deserve to be vanilla features

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