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Wigfrid's hidden lore part 1: Stage name

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Hi all!

If you're familiar with my activity on the forums, you know I have a soft spot for discussing Wigfrid's lore. I intend on making a series of posts that tackles different aspects of her character, in order to avoid cramming all of the information into one huge post. I am not sure how often I will be able to post these, but I might consider making it a regular thing if people are interested in reading.

This first post is about something that is surprisingly lacking from her wiki page: her stage name's meaning. I use the words "stage name", since her personal name is currently unknown. The name Wigfrid is derived from the Old Norse (the language that the Vikings spoke) words "víg" (battle, fight) and “fríðr" (pronounced "frithr"; "beautiful" or alternatively "beloved"). These words are still used in modern Icelandic. Although there is no record of the name Vígfríðr (Vigfrithr) being used, it shares the same suffix as the modern names Astrid, Sigrid and Ingrid, which have come to omit the 'f' and the 'r' during the ages.

Her concept name was likely Wathgrithr, since that is what she is called in the game's code. This name is a reference to the Valkyrie Ráðgríðr, whose name translates into either "the bossy" or "advice eager", the former being slightly more befitting for our heroine. This name was likely scrapped since it's difficult to pronounce for non-Icelandic speakers.

I'd love to include this information in her wiki page, but I am not sure if I have permission to edit it. Let me know if you're able to help.

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