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There are two automation ports on rockets currently, input and output.  The output is supposed to signal when the rocket is ready for launch, and the other is to tell the rocket to launch.  
The problem is, the rocket isn't ready to launch until the crew have boarded, but the crew won't board unless a signal is sent to launch the rocket.
How are we supposed to send a signal to board the crew if the rocket isn't ready until the crew has boarded?
obviously, the solution is to indicate the rocket is ready independent of whether or not the crew has boarded the rocket.  
Honestly though, I would like another automation output to send a green signal whether the rocket is there or not.  Otherwise, it's quite complicated to fuel a rocket that may or may not be there.

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Yeah that sounds pretty backwards. If automation input is supposed to start the launch sequence and call the pilot inside there is no need for the output to consider crew as the rocket won`t launch without it anyway. It`s a leftover from previous versions when you could only launch when the crerw was already preset.

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