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  1. It has to do with pipe flow priority. If you have an alternating pipe, building new pipe segments will reset packet priority, causing all sorts of problems.
  2. Another edit - TLDR: Pipes shouldn't update packet position, packet position should update pipes. So I noticed while building pipes, all the liquid packets on the screen shift. This is screwing up all of my pipe automation. Sensors don't work properly, shutoffs fail to cut off when they're supposed to, etc. It's not realistic to expect me to stop building pipes for the sake of my automation, or disable automation while building pipes. I am always building pipes or running automation. That's like, 99% of what this game is. Can we fix this please? If the packets shift to the closest segment, it throws off timings and signals everywhere. instead of shifting the packets when pipe is built, maybe it would be more reliable to register the pipe when the packets enter their next segments starting position, rather than resetting that position for all packets. Does this sound understandable? - when a dupe constructs a pipe, they can construct a "placeholder" pipe that looks exactly like a pipe, the difference is that it doesn't interact with packets. Then, when the packets enter the default state, the placeholder pipe is replaced with the actual pipe that interacts with packets. Problems solved, automation in tact. Edit- I should have placed this in the bugs section, but I wasn't sure since it's technically intended, though I'm sure the consequences of this implementation aren't.
  3. So I've created a packet counter that can count how many 10kg packets of liquid hydrogen + oxygen go towards fueling a rocket. I worked pretty hard on it, and was happy with the result, until I noticed something. Sometimes, seemingly at random, the packet counter will send an extra packet. It made me wonder "Why does this happen?" Simple. The automation grid and plumbing grid are not running on the same thread. The plumbing is far larger than the automation, so naturally they wouldn't sync up. My proposed solution? When a liquid sensor or gas sensor of any kind is connected to an automation system, they absolutely MUST sync up, so hop that automation thread on over to the same thread that the connected plumbing / gas grid is on. On computers with lower specs, I imagine the difference is far greater. Liquid shutoffs not redirecting packets as soon as they should for example. I can't think of any way currently to circumvent the issue either than to space out the packets, which means my system will take twice as long to fuel a rocket. What a headache.
  4. So I found a helium giant at 160,000 km. I was advised to send research to it in hopes of finding isoresin. 44 cycles. 7 and a half hours on my PC. But, I need isoresin. This planet was my best source for Niobium. and my best chance for isoresin. 38% niobium dropped down to 22%, but now I can get ABYSSALITE. WOW AMAZING. I only have 1250 TONS of it and thankfully it serves no real purpose, but now, I can get even MORE. Can't destroy it, but I sure can hoard it against my will. What a great punishment for getting this far. Gotta love it when games punish you for progressing. I'm honestly really disappointed, and feel discouraged from playing any further. What a garbage system this is. So I can either go back to a save and lose 7 and a half hours worth of progress but get my niobium source back, start a new colony and lose 2700 cycles worth of effort in hopes of actually finding some damn isoresin which isn't even guaranteed, or I can stick it out and wait 2000 cycles before I finally have enough of my trace amount isoresin to build 1 thing, but no longer have a decent source of niobium as a consequence of... playing the game I guess. I should have known better. I should have known that there were consequences to playing the game and progressing normally. How foolish of me to do the things that were meant to be done. Now, I will suffer for it. Thank you Klei, you guys really must have thought this through with all of the power of those big brains. Not your real brains, the big brains in the game that make dupes not care about how miserable things are, and they just continue on in ignorant bliss. Those brains. 1,576 hours of ONI. Invincible regolith, broken sweepy still crashing games, BS space mechanics forcing you to gamble with the future of your colony. Can you please fix your game? Seriously. Fix. Your. Game. The thing that pisses me off the most is just thinking about those 7.5 hours. Now, if I want niobium, it'll take me twice as long to get it. IT ALREADY TAKES SO LONG, but I spent 7.5 hours researching the planet... so that I could DOUBLE MY FUTURE WAITING TIME. Who thought of this? Is there a dev that just really hates oni, or the players? I don't understand how this was ever considered to be a good idea. Here's a change that would make people happy. How about instead of ruining the planets with research, you get a certain % of abyssalite ALREADY, then when you research the planet, a percentage of that abyssalite has a chance to become a rare resource. That way we don't feel like we f'd up our colony by researching it. That way instead of spending 7 and a half hours shooting myself in the foot, I'd have just wasted 7.5 hours but I'd be at least in the same spot I was BEFORE the research, not worse off for it. I can't honestly believe how angry I am at a video game. I've never felt so cheated.
  5. I thought I'd post this to highlight some of the stupidity that just.. really needs to not happen. So, near space I have some jetsuit docks with some atmosuit docks nearby. My intention was that the dupes would hang up their atmosuits, and grab a jetsuit. Worked well enough, but the atmosuit dock flooded and some of the suit orders got messed up. So, to remedy the situation, I undocked all atmosuits near the jetsuits, and pressed "deliver" to the atmosuit docks leading to the outside of the main colony. Somehow, one of the suits was never delivered. I put the atmosuit dock on yellow alert and waited... and waited.. nothing! I thought perhaps the suit melted or something, so I crafted another one. Then, just earlier, I discovered THIS: (see attached photo). Some idiot dupe while inside the transit tube decided that it was okay to take downtime while carrying the atmosuit through the transit tube, dropped the thing inside a vacuum chamber between two insulated walls. This is why we need a finish task schedule! If they don't even have time to make it back via transit tube, they have no business starting the delivery in the first place! What can I even do to prevent this? -Edit- You can see it isn't the first time it's happened either. I guess it's happened quite a lot, based on how many items are inside those chambers, which WERE empty.
  6. I don't care if vending machines, tables, and chairs drop material or not. I just want to get rid of them so I can build there. I'm currently in the process of melting the useless gravitas building, and it's honestly ridiculous the lengths I have to go through. If I could just deconstruct the stupid thing, I'd be so happy. But, I hate mods, and refuse to use one to achieve this.
  7. We have downtime, bathtime, work, and bedtime. What we really need is a "Finish task" schedule block, where dupes will finish their current task, but not acquire any new tasks during that time. (perhaps only downtime tasks can be acquired?) This would prevent dupes from dropping items/critters/liquids. Often, my dupes will pick up some material to deliver, downtime will strike for that dupe, and they'll just drop whatever they're carrying. It's annoying especially if they are trying to move a wrangled critter. I'd like to have a few blocks where they'll finish delivering what they have and either wait for their downtime, or start their downtime. If they still haven't finished their task by the time the schedule moves to downtime, only then should they drop what they're doing. This would be especially helpful in preventing dupes from taking up tasks that they simply don't have time to get done. If you've got a refinery in the oil biome, and it takes 3 schedule blocks just to get down there, you really don't want a dupe to start making their way when they're only 2 blocks away from downtime. However, if you gave that operator dupe 5 blocks of "finish task" schedule, they'd only make their way to the oil biome if they've already started, giving you assured operating time on the refinery, and not wasting the dupe's time. They'll stop refining when they hit downtime, and all will be well.
  8. Thanks for patronizing me. Do you not think I was insulted? I come to a place called "suggestions and feedback", I post a suggestion, he comes along, gives no feedback, and tries to say my idea is bad due in part to something I said in hopes to compromise with those opposed to the idea. I believed I was well articulated and concise in my suggestion, and the ultimatum I included was specifically to put minds at ease for those who may not like the idea, or may be uncomfortable with a new very minor mechanic. How is what he said to me anything more or less than an insult? He judged my idea based on the ultimatum I gave, not the idea itself. Suggesting that my collaborative idea is bad because I knew specifically someone like him would come along. I'll be honest. I don't think toxic people like that should be permitted to shame people for expressing their ideas in a public forum. I think it's disrespectful, and oppressive. I can handle criticism. Where was the criticism? I can handle opposing ideas. Where were the opposing ideas? You have these people will no lives who get some kind of kick out of shutting down the ideas of others probably out of jealousy that they didn't think of it themselves. So let's say my idea is bad. Come up with a better one and prove it to me. As well, Perhaps you don't understand my outrage, and if that is the case, I'd appreciate you staying out of it. -edit- I think the worst part is that if there are people who like the idea, they won't express it because of that user.
  9. Yet you're proving my statement by once again not contributing and doing exactly the same thing. Look at this from my perspective. You come on here, you shut down an idea without refuting a single point or even mentioning anything related to the topic, reiterate your "red flag" narrative because I suppose you can't think of anything more, and yet you wonder why I believe you have a low IQ. Did you even read the post, or did you just look for a "red flag" to attack my ideas? What's the point of your existence on this forum exactly? Got nothing better to do? I don't appreciate forum trolls. I'd like you to please stop commenting on this post. I consider it spam at this point as you're not adding anything to the discussion. Thanks.
  10. Well I know people like you exist, so I have to explain simple concepts for low IQs. There's always someone who says "it's a bad idea, it'll break the game, it'll ruin x and y. It's a red flag. Waaah. Don't add fun to the game, it's unfun for one specific person who had an allergic reaction to dust and this reminds that person about how fleeting life is. Waaah." How about instead of saying that it's a bad idea, you say WHY it's a bad idea. What did your comment contribute? Nothing. There are people who fear change, and you dare insinuate that I refuted my own idea by trying to put people's minds at ease? What's wrong with you? If you don't like the idea, that's fine. You don't need to be an ******* about it. Next time, why don't you try saying what you like/dislike about the idea. Try to make the idea better, or ignore the idea completely. At this point, I don't really care what you have to say though. Enjoy coping with your fear of change.
  11. Hydrogen only reacts with oxygen with an ignition source (fire), and that explosion can be used to operate a generator. That's how real life hydrogen generators work, though the in-game hydrogen generator just kind of eats hydrogen and turns it into electricity. If it were realistic, it would have another input for oxygen, and a water output, and it would be completely power negative when used with an electrolyzer. I guess my point is, we don't need things to be realistic, the experience of the game and fun is primary.
  12. Hmm, I like oni enough that I think it'll be okay.
  13. I know of at least 3 people who have purchased this game on steam simply for the fact that there is no paid additional content (rather than the soundtrack, but that's pretty much steam-standard) The idea that you're investing into an evolving game is a lot more appealing than the idea that you're purchasing what would come to feel like a demo version without the extras. In that regard, I think Klei has been very smart with this game, focusing on quality and community. Expanding the reach of the game is likely more profitable overall, expanding the size of the community, rather than extracting profit and shrinking the community. People also tend to say nicer things about games that don't have paid DLC, allowing Oxygen Not Included to keep its "overwhelmingly positive" rating which probably helps game sales. If I see a game has "overwhelmingly positive", if I'm interested, I won't hesitate to buy it. I'm not saying a paid DLC would change the rating of the game, but you never know. Personally, I won't consider purchasing games that have paid DLCs, though I'm sure there are some out there with a solid enough core, but I just can't be bothered with it. It makes the full game seem more expensive, and there's no way I'd want to invest my time in a partial game. It'd feel like buying a demo. When a developer chooses to release a paid DLC, to me it's as they've betrayed the core of their game. It's like saying "This isn't good enough anymore". I have a lot of respect for Klei for keeping their DLCs for this game free. It also keeps money in my wallet, and keeps the game inexpensive enough to allow me to purchase it for others. which to me is a far better investment to me than purchasing some DLC. I'll get to talk about the game with them, share ideas, and will probably stay interested in the game for a very long time because of that, and they will probably suggest the game to others too. Make sense? I kind of lost motivation to play don't starve after their hamlet DLC. I know it changes the core of the game, so it's kind of like it's own thing, but even still, I just can't be bothered with it. I also can't play both versions at the same time, and don't really want to make the choice between getting my moneys worth, or enjoying the game as it was originally intended. I liked the game and even bought it for a couple friends, but now I won't be buying the game for anyone, and I just don't feel the same gravitation to it. I also learned and got used to the game as it was, and don't really feel the desire to pay in order to relearn new mechanics for what might amount to essentially the same experience but tweaked. I'm not saying their release of hamlet should have been free, or was a bad idea, or the wrong move. I'm sure a lot of people bought it, enjoyed it, and have no regrets in their purchase. However, it's inevitable that there will be people like me who prefer to invest in a game that remains true to its core. I'm sure a lot of people feel similar about DLCs, I do like supporting Klei, but I like supporting them while sharing the experience with others, rather than hoarding the experience and augmenting it. I also won't suggest a game if it's too expensive, and I won't suggest a game with DLCs, as I'd worry the price of the full game will just keep increasing every update. Quite a dreadful thought. There's a game that I saw on youtube, I won't mention the name, but it's about cities and lines, and sky and such. and became very interested in it, I was ready to purchase the game, then I saw the paid DLC list and decided against it completely. I'll never play that game, even if I had the core game gifted to me, I'd see no point in it, as it wouldn't be the full game. Maybe that's some ocd thing I have? I'm the kind of person that likes to play a game to 100% completion, rather than pay to 100% completion. Well, that's how I feel about paid DLCs. As an indie game developer myself, I will never release a paid DLC perhaps out of principal, though I do admit I've put a lot of thought into the pros and cons. I'm sure the pros and cons might shift for a large company, but there's still a lot of room for community growth, and I think that's the best investment a game company or even an indie developer like myself can make, but what do I know? I understand the flip-side as well. A lot of work goes into DLCs, and people don't like to work for free. I don't feel it'd be working for free personally, as each free DLC adds polish to the product, making it more enticing for those on the fence about the purchase of the game, whereas a paid DLC would add tarnish to it, probably making people decide against the purchase of the game. Sorry for writing an essay. I just wanted to express my feelings on the matter of DLCs, and why I'm ultimately against paid ones. Your idea about landing on a planet and digging down for survival feels like it could be an asteroid selection, and I wouldn't buy it. I am in no rush to encourage Klei to develop a paid DLC for this game. Is there anything I left out? Anything I didn't consider? How do you feel about paid DLCs and their influence? Let me know!
  14. Since the game already has sulfur, I thought it'd be cool if the game had some use for it in terms of acid. Pure acid (or just acid) could slowly break regular tiles, becoming polluted acid which would then lose its corrosive hazard, at least slightly. Acid when mixed with water causes the water to heat up and turn into steam very quickly, leaving sulfur and steam. Acid could have some electrical uses, perhaps a type of battery which could be neat. Acid when dripped onto critters or dupes could cause instant damage, allowing for some kill-room designs, though hopefully not for your dupes. Acid would likely have to travel through plastic pipes, and perhaps plastic would be immune to any form of acid damage, allowing acid to remain unpolluted. I like this idea a lot as it gives plastic an additional use. I thought perhaps there could be a morph of pacu that likes acid. Some kind of aggressive pacu that could eat polluted acid and maybe excrete some unrefined metals. To create polluted acid, you'd have to place the pure acid either on some natural tiles, or maybe drop metal (refined or not) into the liquid. I thought it'd be a cool way to make unrefined metals renewable at long last, though still making them require adequate work, and a nice little system, though a dangerous one. I'm not sure if there should be different pacus for different metals, or if it's random, or depending on the pollutant in the acid. I guess anything would be cool. Copper sulfate is a very beautiful deep blue, and that could be super awesome to see as a liquid a opposed to the brighter aqua-marine of water. (I think irl liquid copper sulfate is aqua-marine but who cares) Acid is also used in the production of dyes and paints, so there's some fun potential there to make some very pretty things. Who woulda thought that acid lets you see groovy colors? I also thought that it'd be nice if atmo suits protected from polluted acid, but I think pure acid would still get through, though at a slower rate. I don't know if acid would spawn naturally, but it would be cool to see some man-made acid biomes. Perhaps certain plants could enjoy acid as well. Acid I wouldn't want this to be a mod, I think it's a decent enough idea to make it into the core game. Thoughts? I'd love to expand on the idea. Klei, use this idea PLEASE. it's yours, take it. -EDIT- I thought I'd mention that this idea is ultimately a pretty safe addition in terms of player-base. Don't like the idea? Then simply don't make acid. It doesn't force you to play the game any differently, but gives you the option to do so.