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  1. So I'm using an RTX 2070, my cpu is a hexacore 2.6~5.0ghz. 16gb ram. Not sure how relevant that is. I have 3 displays, and normally I play oni on one display, put a movie or youtube on another, and have discord on the third monitor. This has never been an issue before, however, while testing the DLC my game started getting incredibly sluggish, despite the fact I hadn't altered the map much. I was on cycle 14 and had some outhouses, a research station, a super computer, 6 cots. After the game became sluggish, I couldn't do anything on my pc at all. I had to hold the power button down and restart it. Feeling the chassis, it's not hot. The temps seem fine, the CPU and GPU graphs are around 50% for each. I'm going to continue testing this, but it's happened already twice. I may have to switch to a single display, though it sounds archaic. I don't know if this is some kind of memory leak. It seemed like a GPU thing, but I have no real way of knowing that.
  2. I hope I'm doing this right. Not sure if a bug or something which was just overlooked. You acquire the achievement "To pay the bills" after accepting a duplicant who comes with the final skill in a tree (rocket navigation for example) - without actually having the entire tree. I guess it just looks for the very last skill when deciding whether or not to award that achievement, and I feel that's perhaps unintended. Thanks.
  3. Klei better release that DLC while we still have money. Christmas shopping can only be put off so long.
  4. I just discovered that if you build a sweepy dock on "yellow alert" - it will never lose the "awaiting delivery" message. I think this may affect the sweepy's ability to pick up things.
  5. So, if you build a sweepy dock near autosweepers, as you try to deliver the metal to make the sweepy, the autosweepers will pull out that metal, put it back in, over and over resulting in a huge list of "avaiting delivery". Somehow I think this bugs out the actual sweepy, as they won't pick up anything once built, though I'm not sure. I'll try to fix this bug first, and see if sweepy gets his act together and starts picking stuff up again.
  6. I can also confirm. Dreckos seem to be unable to eat mealwood. I can't seem to fix this no matter what I do. Guess they'll just die. -UPDATE- Okay, so I saved the game and rebooted it, now they'll eat. I have a possible fix for this, set a timeout of 1 cycle and then do a refresh of their food target. That might just be a bandaid for the time being, but until a true fix is found, this might be a nice little patch.