Suggestion: Slave Pigs?

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I don't know if anybody talked about something like this yet, but I think it would be pretty neat if there was some way to make like a pig servant that could farm your crops or collect resources automatically while you're out exploring or whatever. Like if there was a chest item that the pig would use that you fill with the items he would need for fertilizing and planting. And possibly a food storage that he would put the finished product in.

Or maybe like a pig buddy with a backpack that would follow you around and you could make him share your load like a pig version of Samwise Gamgee.

What I want in all seriousness is a little friend that i can get attached to and be all like "NOOOOOO" when I accidentally leave them in the dark and find nothing left but a morsel.

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well, if you want a buddy, go give some meat to a piggy from time to time, and if you want an annoying buddy, go pick up a mandrake after sunset, or make it 4, just for the lulz!

there are obvious reasons why I actually don't want to have a pig near me all the time, or in my camp, ever, so nope, I can't say I'm with you on that one.

... and really, a pig slave... tsk tsk, why not a pig employee!

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I like the current system. Either you find a pig man settlement and feed them monster meat to follow you around or you build them homes near to your base camp and do the same. Besides, they become werepigs during the full moon... keeping them close is just asking for trouble.

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