Is this normal that I found this game overwhelmingly easy?


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Griftland is one of the few (if any) deckbuilding card games that you can win the highest difficulty with no extra booster with ease while without taking any new card during gameplay.
Probably without save/load as well.
Yeah I know the screenshots has some perks enabled, but I am very confident that I can do it without any perks as well.
PS: For where the faction cards went, I get rid of them as soon as possible.
PS2: I got the second pet at end of day 4 and I won the kashio fight *very* easily, so duel pet perk is not necessary.

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I played this game from steam last June. In my feeling, Klei has been committed to making griftland simple, so more than a year later, this game has indeed become too simple.
Last November or so, I used "F8" many times to feed back my understanding of the difficulty of the game, but Klei's adjustment made me feel a little confused.For example, I propose that the appearance of "Mettle" makes level 6 easier than level 0. Klei made level 7 and disabled "Mettle". This is indeed a puzzling move.

I have already mentioned the simple feedback about the game. I still remember my saying that at level 7, I can use mod to adjust the maximum HP to 10 without using any perk. Finally, I Won.

In my opinion, in the current game environment, perk and Mettle are largely redundant. After all, the game is too simple. Players who are willing to play high-level games actually pursue difficulty.

If Klei wants players to experience the story, you don't need to set these difficulty levels at all. If you want to set the difficulty rating, you should consider the needs of the audience.

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Looking at your run time, you did prestige 7 in just 50 minutes? What? I can barely make it through 7 in under two hours - if I make it through at all. Especially being able to wittle down P7 Kashio with just two attack cards, that's super impressive. Good job!

If I can ask, how the HESH did you beat P7 Kashio with a combo build? WITHOUT skeleton suspension? Blast chamber, suitcase grenades, afterburner gloves, and the automech summon have all completely kneecapped my runs any time I've tried to run combo decks.

Being at full resolve with Jarackle Jangles AND having Afterburner gloves? Am I missing out on a potential heal in the auction before hand, either that or you got lucky with the requsition chit and bought it immediately and avoided the auction. I don't remember if spent item cards still appear in your run history.

I don't recognise the 1st and 2nd combat grafts you have either. I have gotten nearly every sal and unviversal graft too? Could you tell me what those two are?

On 9/8/2021 at 6:30 AM, qwerjk said:

I have already mentioned the simple feedback about the game. I still remember my saying that at level 7, I can use mod to adjust the maximum HP to 10 without using any perk. Finally, I Won.

Also, qwejk can I see that mod that sets your max hp to 10? I really want to try that out considering how many things in this game do over 10 damage in total in one turn. It sounds super fun XD And the mettle thing? Prestige 0 has mettle too, so surely 6 is still harder due to all the extra debuffs you get?

I feel like I'm way below you guys' skill level here. I've played other deck builders like Steamworld Quest and Slay the Spire before and I've never hit a dead wall like I have with that previously mentioned combo-deck run on P7 Kashio.

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I tried running your build as shown, and I still have trouble with P7? I'm following your run to the best of my abilities and RNG, but the overall lack of damage from just having base level attacks REALLY affected me.






I noticed that yeah, the fights were a lot less 'complicated' when I just stuck with the base cards, but the fights dragged on for AGES! I was blocking most of the low level damage with the upgraded basic cards, but I wasn't hitting hard enough back to warrant playing like this. It wasn't much fun just using the same stab and strike attack over and over again.

For example, in the time it took YOU to beat Sal's entire P7 campaign, I just barely reached the end of DAY 3! - and that was with max speed animations, fast mode, skipping all dialogue AND not doing any optional fights (but judging by YOUR total fights and negotations you clearly did? How?) 

I don't really opt for the pet-based perks, as the XP, graft slots and relationship perks have always gotten me more milage. As can be shown in my screenshots, I ened up ha ving to lean heavily on my upgraded pets. Which I was only able to do because I got lucky enough to get the discount with the beastmaster (as otherwise the upgrades would've been between 350~450 shills!).\

I didn't savescum for this run so maybe I wouldn't have died if I kept refreshing each encounter to get the most optimal outcome (like getting the Destroy upgrades for any of my cards), but that would've taken too long (and personally it feels very cheap). Especially with stuff like the drusks (which killed me twice) since you have to go through 2 hard negotations that really drag when all I have are 3 damage cards.

The P7 runs I HAVE beaten all used the later unlocks,  (My first P7 Rook win was with a concentration deck, my first Sal one was a funny one with cyrotrainer and a ton of blade flashes iirc). I can't personally get the default cards to carry me like YOU can.

To answer your question, no, I don't find it normal that you thing the game is overwhelmingly easy. I think you're just really, REALLY good at deckbuilders. Though this is just my opinion, I doubt I'll be able to get a consensus on every single person who's played this game.

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