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Shared Amulet skins

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Life giving amulets have some really nice skins, with the heart amulet being my personal favorite, though I've noticed none of the other amulets have skins!
I've seen it mentioned plenty before by friends and others that the amulet skins should apply to all types! I agree, that sounds brilliant! 
It'd be nice if life giving amulet skins would apply to all the amulet types, with the gems having colors for their respective amulet types.
I did a quick custom spoof of what one would look like, I just think this is a perfect opportunity, much like spear/staff skins!

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i made something like disigns for amulet skins before an i say that i think if the same amulet skins item is workin for all the amulets then its disign has to be changed it makes no sense for the nightmare amulet to be a heart so at that point there sould just be a seperated item

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