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Make disease more dangerous?

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Make diseases/injuries more prevelant , medic bay/doctors almost got no use at all, most games i dont even build one.

Included more random injuries like sprains etc. 

Make senitation more important, my dupes eating straight up slimelung burgers and dont get sick from it.

Yes, No?

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While slimelung isn`t supposed to spread through food but by being inhaled i have to agree that diseases are kinda weak. They could use addjustments.

Maybe critters could be more hostile (hatches used to bite when unburied by dupes) maybe ranchers could get occasionally bitten when grooming - higher level skill would reduce how often that happens. Extended hypothermia or heat stroke could cause damage. Destructive dupes should hurt themselves when lashing out (especially when hitting hard stuff).

Anyway while i think slimelung should be an actual danger i also think there should be more active ways to combat it like disinfection lamps, germ filters for liquids and a crude air cleaner using bottled chlorine.

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Even playing on the absolute hardest difficulty settings i still never use the medical system at all.

I don't even research the initial pharmacology tech until i want germ sensors... which i only ever want for personal satisfaction as technically dupes can wash their hands with filtered effluent just fine.

I really wish i actually had a use for the 3-chamber biological water purification system i devised before i knew about both that and the magical purification properties of a hermetically sealed liquid reservoir immersed in chlorine gas.

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I wish germs spread to dupes when they used germed water to clean hands and i wish germs would stick to dupes when moving through germed liquids or gasses (a bit less for the gas). Compost should be a germ producer. Critters should spread disease.

But more importantly disease should spread between dupes so that quarantine is a thing (it would still need an improvement though).

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