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crash problem 1.19.3 improved Performance

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Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the game. Could you provide us with some further information including the following:

- Your Android device,
- Your Device model number,
- Your Android OS version number,
- Your device manufacturer,
- Reproducible steps, or what you were doing in-game before running into this error.

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12 hours ago, basitsel said:

this will not be the last time i play Starve pocket edition
ruin the game with the new update :(



Nope, this patch just improved performance. That is bug. Happening when you tame beefalo. 

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22 hours ago, JanH said:

Oyunla ilgili sorun yaşadığınızı duyduğuma üzüldüm. Aşağıdakiler de dahil olmak üzere bize daha fazla bilgi verebilir misiniz:

- Android cihazınız,
- Cihaz model numaranız,
- Android işletim sistemi sürüm numaranız,
- Cihaz üreticiniz,
- Tekrarlanabilir adımlar veya bu hatayla karşılaşmadan önce oyunda ne yaptığınız.

my phone is redmi note 6 pro
my device model number is m1806E7TI
my android OS version number is MIUI stable
I trained Buffalo in the last game and made a saddle for the buffalo and pinned it and packed the door, the game gave an error when I saved the game and entered it back
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