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  1. Nope, this patch just improved performance. That is bug. Happening when you tame beefalo.
  2. New patch too clean and smooth. I loved it. Thanks klei.
  3. how you get tall bird fortress. I did tried new world 100 times. My rng sucks guess. Great job btw
  4. Im gonna try that thank you! Holy **** that worked WTF! Why nobody didn't said me i love you
  5. - Beefalos didn't exepect twigs. There is no option unmount beefalo. And you tamed beefalo when it evolveitself to tamed beefalo game chrahing. (i added picture) SVID_20210730_232638_1.mp4 -Season booses didn't show up sometimes. I got Deerclops at third year. - When you dig drawed mini sign game is chrashing. i added some video's for bugs -First video related with: ruins chrash problem. SVID_20210725_020803_1.mp4 SVID_20210725_020803_1.mp4 -Second video related with: fps problem. I know im near at pig farm and beries farm, by the way. You can say thats normal. But i wasn't even near this farms thats happening. Especialy when you at combat. SVID_20210720_162952_1.mp4 SVID_20210720_162952_1.mp4 -Thirth video related with: can't unmount beefalo cuz haven't option and can't feed beefalo with twigs. SVID_20210730_232638_1.mp4 - Fourth video related with: when you dig drawed mini sign, chrashed game. SVID_20210730_232017_1.mp4 i have 1 upload speed thats taking 1 eternity xD. Waiting for update thanks for working, klei. SVID_20210730_232017_1.mp4
  6. Bruh i did tried this bug and my 200 day is gone. OMG here we go again.
  7. Brother my game too. But if you mean for cave 1 to waiting screen. I can help you. If you stuck on cave creating screen (even me waiting 5 min for loading screnn you can cheack my phone) after close your game and open game again. Might be this can solve your problem. Because im reduce cave creating time with this. If i don't that i'm waiting 5 min for loading screen. But if you mean for real crashing game we can't do anyhting.
  8. My phone HUAWEI mate 20 lite Model number SNE-LX1 Android OS Number 10 Device Manufacturer Huawei - Ewecus is invisable. How did I know it without seeing it? I get stunned LOL(I'm sure 100 percent that's ewecus animation). But i can't even hit it. I just stuck Stepbro. - Sometimes cheaster stop following you. That wasn't the last patch(1.18.1), by the way. - That's important. When you change server settings, itsn't work. For example i change what season the game start. I change autumn. I tried 2 times. And game start from spring. And reduced damage too. But thats not working too. - For no reason your character and game slow down(Like 1 is normal movement speed, becomes 0.5). Start from day 1. (1.18.1 it was happening but was late game when I do base.) By the way when this problem happens my phone overheating from my CPU. - When you go caves 2 (i mean ruins) game is crashing and you try over and over again to enter your game, you can't because chrush again. - And you feed beefalo it isn't follow you. Love Klei O.o