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I would like to bring up some stars that require you to beat a course under an extremely tight schedule

While the challenge is fun and appreciated, there's a flaw in that most of them are only possible with a very specific ability.

For instance giant's garage under 55 seconds is only possible with doublejump, but there's no way knowing this. One could waste alot of time trying to get it done with the 3 other abilities.

I suggest these stars should display text or images that suit the ability it requires.

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Would also like to take the opportunity to point out the snow-sliding mountain "under 50 seconds" star, aswell as the "under 4 minutes" star for blue box marathon are completely unreasonable to 99.99% of the playerbase and that's coming from someone above average.

I'm not a fan of having to deal with stars where you have to approach the course with extremely specific shortcuts, abilities and pixel perfect quirks that are near impossible to figure out on your own unless you are willing to spend countless hours on it.

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