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craft-able gap crossing options

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I've seen a bridge mod before that does this and manages to balance it fairly well by making each plank of the bridge an item that needs to be crafted. The longer the bridge, the more expensive it would be. The only change I would have made is make each section cost 2 rope instead of 1 (along with 1 board).

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I don't see any need for above ground bridges as boats are already doing that routinely.  Something for the underground caverns I could see being usefull.  Rope based zip-lines would be interesting if they were a one-way travel device as it would help preserve the maze nature of the underground, though I guess nothing would keep players from placing 2 going in opposite direction right next too each other.

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I would love this if the player had to place the first half of the bridge at point A, then Travel across the map to the opposite side and place the other half at point B.

Or: Just have a Wortox/person with gap crossing abilities/craftables skip the above process by jumping over the gap and placing point B for you.

Only once both sides have been placed will the bridge itself be built.

I like THIS way better then people using the boat platforms their currently using.

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