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Made A Mess - Embarrassing!

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So, I've got a biohazard situation happening in my colony right now, it's kind of embarrassing for me, as it's not been a problem of mine in this game since the first few days of playing. Also, ever since Germs became a thing, hygiene has been a high priority for me, and something I've usually had under control. I tried something new, and what a mess!

I was thinking, the Dupes should be embarrassed or something when they Make A Mess. It should be some sort of depuff for 'em. They often get soggy feet from it, but perhaps they could have soggy clothing, or embarrassment, or something that ups the stress of the individual dupe that had the accident. Sure, sure, it's ultimately my fault as the keeper or whatever I am, but to that dupe, they didn't make it to the can on time and made a mess in front of everyone. Maybe the debuff could be particular bad or only bad, if other dupes are around to see it.

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There's a stress penalty for "making a mess," but it's pretty small and it goes away once the dupe has stopped actually relieving themselves. I quite like the idea of making it cause an additional debuff if other dupes are around to see it.

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