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Just wanted to restate my sentiment that Figs are the only thing that is pulling this update back right now. More specifically their low availability. Changes to the seafaring mechanisms are great, the new Great Tree biomes are very beautiful and the canopy provides a wonderful new way to deal with the elements. But the update is significantly designed around figs and while it immediately offers many great uses to this new food item, the design falls apart due to the very limited availability of them. They have many great uses, from their new recipes to the many powers of the tree jam item but this does not work well with the current arrangement where figs can only be obtained from one of the Waterlogged biomes around the world form the great tree vines. This goes against any previous design choices- to salt, to barnacles to stone fruits to name just a few recent examples. It's very hurtful to the impact of this update, it begs for an increase in the availability of figs - it's the one thing needed to put everything in track and work properly! Please don't deny this to us Klei, there is no good rationale behind eternally limiting figs to the new biome.

The change everyone wants to see is above average trees growing a few vines of their own, that's it, that's all it takes to make this a great update. Growing an above average tree already requires a lot of time and figs thus there is nothing cheap or devaluing about making them have their own vines. One fine suggestion I saw is that each above average tree would have a max limit to the fig vines they can grow thus upon being grown into a vineless above average tree, they should be able to be enriched more with tree jams to grow a new vine per enrichment until this limit is reached.

There are really a lot of directions to tackle the issue but the problem persists: Figs are unnecessarily limited and this is a huge detriment to this update and making anything with the figs. Please Klei, I implore you to strongly consider increasing their availability. It's a simple change that will forever make this update more memorable and impactful. There exists no reason that they should be such limited commodities given how many diverse uses they posses and how much of it is required to get the new canopy content rolling in the first place.

EDIT: Time to rejoice, Klei finally answered our prayers and the update is functionally awesome.

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