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Planting waterweed naturally

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Hi all,

I'm fairly new to the game (first time to reach midgame) and I wanted to grow waterweed (to eventually make burgers) but you need bleachstone which seems to be only sustainable sourced from pufts (and I dont have a chlorine vent) so I thought I would try pips as I've been using them to wild plant other plants but they wont plant waterweed seeds (I've gotten them to plant other types of seeds in the same spot (I tested it to make sure the spot wasnt a problem).

Are waterweed seeds excluded from the type of seeds that pips can plant? Also when trawling through the forums someone mentioned self planting seeds. Is that a thing? Would it work with waterweed seeds too?

Thanks in advance.



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Self planting has been disabled in the game for a long time now...

In general, you want to make the conditions for pip planting the same as for farming. So as the above post states, you'll need to ensure some minimal flooding (water, salt water or brine) and correct temperatures for the pips to plant waterweed.

There is also a dedicated thread for pip planting, I'll leave it in the spoiler tag. It does make for a good read, though:




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