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Concept of pinned selected dup

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If I click on a dup, have it shown at the top that this dup is selected. When I go to any dialog, such as door access, vitals, consumables, schedules, priorities, skills, etc, make it that that dup is on the screen so I don't have to scroll searching for it. It becomes a pain when you want to change something for a selected dup and you have to search for it in lists all the time when you've got >50 dups and you can only see 6 at time in a list with a semi functional scroll bar.

For bonus points, allow me to pin select a small group of dups, which will be easy to find in any dialog. E.g. I have 5 of my 100 dups starving, and I want to easily change some door accesses for them.

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>semi functional scroll bar

this should be a point. Sort button is extremely small, and reaction time is pretty big which is frustrating. Also, default sort as usual is non-alphabetical, and each time I need to change sort order.

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