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  1. The new resources tracker seems to be missing wheeze wort seeds. Build U33-473720-B
  2. When a game finished loading the game is paused and all the toilets are shown as "Toilet out of order" in the notification area. I normally view this as a load artefact that fixes itself quickly after resuming play. This time one of my dupes was in the toilet with a full bladder when the game was saved. When I resumed, as the toilets where temporarily out of order, he exited the toilet and made a mess.
  3. While game is paused click on a link to take you to a dupe, such as the dupe starving notification. You will be taken to a location they used to be at, click again and you go to the right location. The click again workaround isn't great if you are trying to go to a stressed dupe using the stress drop-down at the top, you have to cycle through all of your dupes to get to the first on at the top of the list again at the right location, which can take a while with 30 dupes. Considering we want to see where the dupe is it would be better to go straight to follow dupe so we can track them when the game is playing on fast.
  4. If you keep the stress list displayed, esp on fast, when it updates the names sometimes overwrite making it unreadable.
  5. Same on Windows 10. If I need to do something else and want to leave the game paused in the background my PC carries on chewing through electricity like there is no tomorrow. CPU use at about 1/3 of 6 cores/12 hyper-threads, and GPU 3D at about 1/5. Its paused, not doing anything and its not even on screen. Please sort this.