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Moving from oldgame to newest release (mergedown thoughts)

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Just chiming in with some things about moving from the last pre-mergedown version of the game to the public_testing version... All this is for "vanilla".

First of all: it is wonderful that ONI keeps chugging along with old maps full of our contraptions... Thumbs up!

Some tech tree shuffling did bring back the research stations to fill in with some items going missing, no biggie nonetheless.

We had been warned with enough time that there were changes to the food mechanics so now we see the bunch of walk-in freezers popping up. What took me a good amount of time before migrating was actually setting up conveyor systems to ship all that meat and pincha-peppernuts that were bound to rot if left alone now. So there shouldn't be that much drama there, IMHO.

An unexpected annoyance that did have an impact and that is something I can't recall anyone mentioning is that filters in buildings will be reset without us knowing. For me, buildings with fiterable options such as the Storage Bin, Bottle emptier, Conveyor loader, Refrigerator & Canister emptiers were affected, I didn't see it happen to automatic dispensers, smart storage bins or critter feeders but I won't discard the need to check.

Take this canister emptier, polluted oxygen used to be selected as a filter but now it's not on the list because there's none to be found on the map... So this building's categories got reset to none. Not too bad, but some fridges also got reset to none so dupes had to suffer Frost Burger withdrawal syndrome for a while.


Then I got a conveyor loader's categories set to all edibles when only some were previously selected. This created chaos in my walk-in freezer.

My guess is that on-load detection of existing items after migrating did the trick of mixing up the categories in some buildings.

So take this as a PSA: either uncheck all filters in all buildings before migrating (as much as possible) or carefully check the buildings with filterable items after.

Then, performance.

Hey, it's working mostly fine for a terra map. It's starting to get hitchy when adding conveyor rails, pipes... But then again, it's a large map and since we're talking about public_testing, there's bound to be some internal tracking for the devs... What's amazing is that there is not that much of a change before and after, screenshot mode is actually smoother. This is all based empirical evidence, so take it with a grain of salt; I've turned off the fps counter long ago.

Play sessions have been forcibly made a little shorter, memory is filling up a little faster (guessing the effects of that extra logging here) and I believe that also shows in player.log.

Truckloads of this and that in player.log (10.9MB, line 90080, before finishing gaming session):


I guess that's it for now, if there's other things to include feel free to pile it on the thread.

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2 hours ago, JRup said:

I can't recall anyone mentioning

If you are looking for a bug report, here is one :p

Although, I haven't checked the save files again recently to see if it is still happening. Then there was the "no barbeque anywhere" bug that drew more attention.

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