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Hey, I was told by various other forums and/or reddit posts that Playstations have their own system and can't connect properly to PC accounts, I just wanted to know if that was true or not. If not, I'm looking to specifically connect my Playstation4 account (or PSN) to my Klei account/Steam account so I can get all my items back, but when I try to log out it doesn't give me the option to sign in as anything other than my PSN account. Please help me fix this issue asap if possible so my brother and I can play splitscreen with item skins. I spent a long time building those up and many events, I'd hate to lose it all now just because my computer's a bit too slow for DST anymore.


I moved to the playstation so we could have fun together, but now I'm just disappointed that I can't link my account. Not easily anyways. There's no obvious "link account" button that allows for a Steam/Klei connection.

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