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  1. I'm playing All's Well That Maxwell, and I put the mods into the MODS folder as I should, and it doesn't load them up, it keeps telling me "To Be Disabled" or "Crashed!" and nothing I do fixes it.
  2. Could someone tell me how to fix them saying "Crashed" when I start my game and "To Be Disabled" after I've tried to load them?. I NEED SOME HELP HERE! And youtube's not any. So hopefully the makers OF the mods can assist me with these mods that are a pain in da ass :/
  3. I have the All's Well That Maxwell update and I'm trying to run your mod but every time I reset the game or try to play/enable the mod it says crashed on start or something. Like the game didn't even try to load it, I've also attempted to run the mod By Itself but it still won't work. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong or what version of the mod I need to download because I need to have the status.