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DST Forge for Consoles?

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Hey Klei, what's up?

We know you're busy with uptates and character reworks, and your past events were awesome, even amazing. 4 Years ago you stated that you'd see if the community wants Forge for consoles (PS4 XBOX), and basically everyone said yes (94.6%).

So... where is it? Yes you are busy with pumping out all the new content and we like that, but seriously, Let us console players get some fun too. You already gave us the Gorge, so why not do the same with Forge? Imagine how fun and exicting it would be for us fellow console players.

Please answer us Klei, and thank you for all of the amazing content in the past years and months.



Will the Forge be coming to Console?
The Forge is our first limited time event of its kind. We are watching feedback and requests to see how the community responds and if there is enough interest we may bring it to consoles, but it will require some work and will have to be a bit different due to certain limitations and constraints on those platforms. 



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