I can't acess Dosan's Tale DLC


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I beat the game recently and tried to 100% but it seems my game version is missing content. I research and I see there's a DLC but I can't get acess in my game version because there's no download content option on main menu. How do I get acess on the content?  


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If you are using Steam, make sure you have the DLC installed. For example:

grafik.png.1c2fd726016b1b9ccedc5e43f1a24b06.png  or  grafik.png.63160e03afdcf7c7003a1cc01b14f45d.png

And then:


Actually, scratch that, you're playing the Remastered version which should have the DLC bundled in. Did you find Dosans Tale in the level select screen?

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