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Starving! (Invitation to my LP of the game)


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Hey all, like so many others I just saw this on steam a few days ago and then tried out the demo on Chrome when I got home from work! When that was done I snagged a copy on steam and started recording :)

If you would like to watch me bumble around and attempt to survive you can find my channel on youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/Crysyn1 (Please note that this channel is not monetized, so I am doing it purely for entertainment!)

All comments are always welcome but as I am new and enjoying discovering all this stuff I ask you to keep huge spoilers to a minimum!

NOTE: The audio in the first video is Way way off. I actually suggest skipping to the second video in all honesty as the first one was just a test bed and the second one is where I start fresh with appropriate audio levels!

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