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Griftlands: PlayStation 4 Update (Ver 1.03)

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Griftlands Update - PlayStation 4 Ver. 1.03 (07/15/2021)

  • When upgrading items, the upgraded card should now show the same charges as the base card.
  • “Reset Profile” now clears run history and all save games, and you must be in the main menu to reset profile.
  • Only gain “Not a Scratch” feat if result of battle was victory.
  • Fix the number of active runs showing the incorrect number after deleting save slots.
  • Typo and grammar fixes across English & Chinese languages.
  • Fix “Trash” deck not showing any cards.
  • Fix crash if targeting Double Duty with Rebuild II.
  • Fix card focus highlight not showing when you select cards in the ChooseFlourishPopup
  • Fix being able to upgrade battle cards if you navigate to the battle deck by first clicking open the pause menu in battle.
  • Fix Pause Menu opening on top of the main overlay
  • Fix locked perk descriptions not updating its required perk count when unlocking a new perk.
  • Rook Brawl: disable campsite meditation if already at full resolve.
  • Fix potential crash with a day change while the sandwich event is active.
  • Make Oolo's merchant work at all times of day, so you can go shopping after turning in your quests
  • Fixed bug where Rebounder would deal damage the first time your core was attacked rather than took damage.
  • Increase size of cards in Choose Cards popup
  • On the grid card drafting poup, hide main overlay and offset titles to make extra room, enlarge cards as much as possible
  • Increase font sizes in People Compendium details popup
  • Hide unused nav tab in People Compendium details popup
  • Show quest log when inspecting the main overlayScale up combat speech bubbles
  • Shrink padding between shop cards
  • Reticule inspection support in negotiation screen, fight screen, conversation screen, loot screen, card shop screen, card draft popup, pick coin screen, pick graft screen
  • Remove cycle links feature in favor of reticule inspection
  • Prevent Play Card/Cancel while reticule inspecting
  • Permit End Turn/End Run while in combat for consistency with negotiation
  • Fix bug where playing a card that draws another card sometimes prevents you from navigating to the new card
  • Disable previews for cards in hand while targeting with flourish cards
  • Current flourish card now displays on top of cards in hand
  • Shrink sensitive area around travel nodes on the map screen when using reticle
  • Enable flourish shopping in brawl
  • Add button binding to view death loot in fighter info popup
  • Fix soft lock if your rescue target in the Sal’s Rescue Target brawl dies
  • Move inspection reticule control to right stick
  • Change turbo mode speed to default, R2/L2 now slow the cursor instead
  • Fix characters being unlocked by playing their daily challenge
  • Track last ally and enemy target in battle, default focus to them for convenience
  • Fix being able to confirm draft choice multiple times with gamepad, and fix incorrect animation if drafting while animating in
  • Fix bug where The Sledge and Rib Cracker did not trigger if the target had 9 trauma when hit
  • Fix day of death value in run history being 0-based
  • Fix repeated targeting sound playing due to subtle movement of fighters in combat
  • Fix bug on Mean Streak where multiple stacks would last past the end of your turn
  • Fix rare hang while playing cards if using the gamepad
  • Fix amount of Impair applied at end of turn to match Blasted Eye text

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