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Changing seasons

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If you set to more/lots his re spawn, it will take less days to re-spawn again, my best guess is that he will spawn every 10 days or so.
Because I remember when I set Klaus spawn to lots or more and he takes around of 10 - 12 to spawn again. I believe similar behavior for deer clops.
I also believe that deer clops spawning in different season was a bug and fixed by today.

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13 hours ago, jmcclain1299 said:

Ok good to know. I initially turned Dragonfly off and now want him on again. Set season yo summer, waited 10 days, summer kicked off but no Fly. Waited a few days rechecked. Is there a 20day wait period on him or something?

All seasonal bosses have a spawn timer for the first time. I think bearger is 20 days on Autumn ... etc.. etc.. I don´t have the exact time :yaypigs:

However, Dragon Fly is available from day 1 because this season boss is not tied to any season, meaning that is always available regardless the season you are currently on. If you have disable and enable again, it should be located at his/her spawn point. Which is the one I have attached. Are you sure you have located his/her spawn point ?
The other 2 bosses, like bearger and deerclops come to look after you when the spawn time reach the goal. The big duck from spring is also located at her spawn point which is some waters ponds around the constant and it doesn't come after you.

Df Spawn Point.png

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1 hour ago, jmcclain1299 said:

I'm familiar with the arena set piece and yes I have checked there multiple times with him set to lots. I may have to set him to default to spawn him in?

Not Really, it should be there. Unless is set to none/disable.
You should file a bug in the bug tracker and share all the information possible.

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