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  1. Any idea when this might be? Kinda rough roll of the dice to ride beef at this point
  2. Feed beef and try to mount at same time causes crash
  3. Cool. Time for a beach episode. Thanks guys
  4. Quick question, I'm sure it has been answered before, but for existing worlds will we have to regenerate the world to have these biomes spawn?
  5. So after playing some more I turned Crab King on, Astral detector doesn't point anywhere so I can only assume he isn't spawning either (dug out the celestial sanctum(?) pieces and socketed them already.) I can get some seasonal bosses to Spawn, as well as klaus via event, but no dragon fly or crab king. Fuelweaver works but no fly/king
  6. Set bosses to off, turned on dragonfly later, he won't spawn in. No idea why. Waited about 40 days cycles through from spring to winter, no Fly. Seasons on short, all other bosses except for klaus set to off
  7. I'm familiar with the arena set piece and yes I have checked there multiple times with him set to lots. I may have to set him to default to spawn him in?
  8. Ok good to know. I initially turned Dragonfly off and now want him on again. Set season yo summer, waited 10 days, summer kicked off but no Fly. Waited a few days rechecked. Is there a 20day wait period on him or something?
  9. Follow up question: If I set deerclops to more will this change his respawn timer or will it be every ~17 days after he is killed? I also hear that this lets him spawn in other seasons.
  10. I started a world in only autumn and later turned autumn off and winter on, but it isn't changing to winter. Am I stuck in autumn?