July 7th Update

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  • Developer

Hey Grifters,

This update brings the translations almost to completion, and fixes some UI and card issues that we've seen in feedback reports.

Happy grifting!


  • Update all translations - they're all almost complete, and we're now doing an editing pass on them.
  • Make low-level file read operations more robust


  • Updated the text for Story mode to clarify that there are infinite day restarts
  • Updated p0/p1 prompt the first time players start a game to be clearer about permadeath
  • Fix for "Active Objectives sometimes appear cut off"
  • Gamepad: add control hints for scrolling and navigating when viewing detailed card info.
  • Fix setting focus on top bar if the reticule is hovered over it.
  • Avoid showing agent name underneathe negotiation slots, as it sometimes occludes with the UI, and is not that useful.
  • Increase panel height slightly on Bigger UI mode when choosing cards from hand, so that the title and subtitle aren't occluded.
  • Gamepad: Permit un-choosing of cards when you have an optional number of card choices.
  • Fix bug where card text that requires you to 'Pay shills' (eg. kickback) would sometimes not show up when using "Bigger" UI mode.
  • Fix alignment on charge cell anim.
  • Fix a bug where if you upgrade a card while choosing a card to remove, you can no longer choose a card to remove until you exit the deck screen.


  • Amnesty: Add Shielded keyword to card text.
  • Fix a bug where moment of weakness could perpetually respawn duplicates if you already had the maximum number of arguments.
  • Fixed reason text from beast_of_the_bog condition
  • Fixed bug where pure_diplomacy_ii didn't apply composure to influence if you had none before playing the card
  • Shrokian Glamour Stones: Update descriptive text to clarify that pet aid is also suppressed.
  • Fix heal amount on Hungry Shrooglet Feed not matching the descriptive text of the condition.
  • If auto-played, Degrade will always prioritize enemy arguments.
  • Wrenched, Gremlins: Now properly classified as debuffs.
  • Informed Enemies: Now properly classified as a debuff
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