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Cryogenics and Micro-waves the 50's were quite THE Era

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While i was looking up some stuff on YT today's i stumbled on a "quite" unusual topic

They have used "Diathermy" wich is produced with magnetrons on cryogenic revivals of rodents in the 1950's (some with success!)

That is not the type of science we were taught in schools but i find that it's still really Oni style :p

I saw a micro-wave machine related in the code a while ago that cooked for example soggy salad and such's things

Sooo yeah after we find a dupe in a box and there is a micro-wave added to the game i guess the next step in that direction

should be freezing whole colonies to stop worrying about them while doing something else and while using the cryo base with automations and Rover's

Yeah it's a bit of a weird topic i know but if it real life scientist have made cryogeny + micro-waves = ressurection im gonna go on a wild guess of 

Watt's (lol) under the Radar :D

Nice day everyone !!


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RimWorld has cryocaskets. They're very useful for, say, putting to stasis a pawn that is addicted to luciferum when you don't have any so they don't die until you can get more luciferum.

I can't see a particularly good reason to use them in ONI except if you just wanted to see if it could be done, running a base purely on automation.

Actually, on that note, that's a perfectly good reason. Who said our experimental engineering in this game had to have a productive purpose anyway?

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Cryo fridges and radbolt microwaves sound like a cool late game kitchen. Imagine needing liquid oxygen to keep the cryo tech buildings operational. It would give more reasons to liquify oxygen aside of rockets.

Freezing critters might be nice as well. Could be a good way to keep them alive when resources run low or when taking them to other worlds.

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i tend to have to go check another base stupid dupes from time to time .....running it all on automation makes all the sense in world since the automation can be pushed to funny extent..

@Sasza22 yeah freezing stuff to make some other stuff makes sense im thinkin

there is a mod for freezing critter eggs that is very usefull indeed but yeah its a mod


have nice day ! interplanetery automation haves to come too

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