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So it's been brought up to no end that spiders are bad but it feels like it's mainly just being said for the sake of being said at this point so I figured I'd make a thread asking these questions.

1. Do you think spiders are bad and if so why?

2. Do you think pigs, merms, and bunnymen are better followers and if so why?

3. Do you think spiders followers have poor combat ability and if so why?

1.Before answering these questions keep in mine that the top spider followers range between 375 and 400 hp while having access to cheap and/or cost free healing options.

2.Spiders you recruit are yours till you disconnect, die, or move to or from caves.

3. They have attack speeds on par with pigs and merms unbuffed while dealing around only 10 damage less.

Keep all 6 of these points in mindand tell me your thoughts.

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Spiders are bad on thier own, but good in hoards. They attack in hoards, they sleep in hoards, they vicious eviscerated anything that steps on thier turf as a hoard, etc. While a singular spider may do squat all, a hoard of them might be able to cause a big enough ruckus to topple any titan. I think that is where many people are discounting, the sheer amount of them that you can have, and how much nurse spiders can keep them alive. While bosses like deerclops, bearger, and ancient guardian have the potentially to do an arachnid genocide, proper troop picking and proper tool usage can make sure that your little buddies can punch WAY higher then they ever would on thier own. Like a classic media trope from children's cartoons, the power of friendship, if you have enough, can triumph overall. 

And if that doesn't  work then just bringing a metric ton nurse spiders and Marble suits can also get the job done.

In comparison to other followers, they do have the disadvantage of not being able to do nothing but slaughter, but that is part of the downside Webber gives up for playing as himself. He has to do everything himself as his friends are about as bright as black construction paper, but what his friends can do well. Adding an additional perk to spider to randomly decide to harvest grass and twigs would not only feel weird as they have never displayed any reason why they would or could do that, but would also lose the core theme of the 8 legged companions, their unyielding aggressiveness and murderous tendencies when not satiated  with stickers.

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Actually about Deerclopes I've been thinking of testing what I've heard in one of the threads apparently it's possible to kill Deerclopes with spiders using campfires considering they don't move much when they get up close not sure if it's worth it but I imagine considering the greater control we have over them once more people test more things with them they may find more success than they imagine.

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