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Anyone else been having this problem?

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So I have a pacified spider den near my base. I found Chester and brought him back to base. At night the spiders are still pacified when I go over there and check on them. BUT as soon as they wander over to base they go feral and attack Chester. Does this mean that protection from spiders only extends to other survivors and not Chester? Anyone else been having this problem?

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25 minutes ago, SkyistheGround said:

what character are you playing? spiders are supposed to ignore chester for webber players holding the eyebone only

if you are webber, not sure how to help. sorry

I am playing as Webber which is why it's weird. It doesn't matter if I pick up the eyebone or set it down. The spiders from the decorated den, that are supposed to be pacified, still attack him. I guess decorated dens only protect other survivors and  not Chester?

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