June 24th Update

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Hey Grifters,

This update updates some translations, further improves controller mode, and fixed a whole bunch of UI issues that have shown up in our feedback system. Thanks for all of the reports!


  • Update Polish, Russian, Japanese translations
  • Localize missing string: Rally Worker argument.
  • Localize missing string: "None" when displaying a card list with no cards.
  • Don't match numbers in keyword ( we don't have any keywords with numbers anyway); fixes *lots* of problems in some translations where there is no space between the keyword and the numeric value.


  • Battle Stein: will increment per Drink action, rather than per empty bottle added.
  • Raise: Ensure previous cost-reduced cards having their cost reset despite not being played, if Raise was played again.
  • Mean Streak: Fix bug where multiple stacks would last past the end of your turn.
  • Fixed bug where The Sledge and Rib Cracker did not trigger if the target had 9 trauma when hit
  • Coin Gambler: Fix Gambling once per stack per card played, instead of just once per card played, as per the text.
  • Spark Visor: will now be triggered by a killing blow.
  • Weezil's snipers poise now increases damage equal to its stacks


  • Food Fight: Fix potential missing speaker after killing a worker.
  • Competing Bids: fix potential problem retiring the target -after- completing the quest, potentially invalidating freshly spawned quest cast members.
  • Add time precondition on loan shark event, so the payback is guaranteed to be scheduled.
  • Deep Undercover: Remove empty string quest description causing blank tooltip.
  • Do not trigger a shuffle event if there is nothing in your discards to draw and shuffle.
  • Do not auto-unlock characters due to Daily saves.


  • Fix narration bubble text not always using the same layout scaling as speech bubbles.
  • Fix rare soft lock while playing cards if using the gamepad.
  • Fix repeated targeting sound playing due to subtle movement of fighters in combat.
  • Fix day of death value shown in run history being 0-based.
  • Fix rounding calculation causing percentages (flourish in particular) to show as 100% even if the value is not quite max
  • Fix potential crash if a nil string is passed to Quest:FormatString, in this case the return from objective.desc_fn in Day Older and Deeper in Debt.  (this seems to follow from bad quest state, where the optional talk_to_giver objective is the only thing active)
  • Widen choosecardspopup so that Improvise+ on Big UI mode doesn't scroll.
  • Gamepad: When card drafting, disable Draft/Take 10 shills options while reticule is active.
  • Gamepad: Enable tooltips on focus for the DailyFeatStatusIcon widgets in the Daily Challenge.
  • dpad and lstick will automatically cancel reticule mode.
  • Add reticule support to CardShopScreen, DraftChoicePopup, LootScreen, PickCoinScreen, PickGraftScreen, using the reusable ReticuleMixin.
  • Gamepad: Fix MENU_CANCEL input being sunk by the main overlay if focus is one of the secondary bar widgets (eg. grafts, perks, etc.)
  • Apply layout scale to GraftsCompendiumDetailsPopup.  It was too small on Big/Bigger UI mode.
  • Don't show the cancel "Take money instead" control hint after a card has already been drafted.
  • Fix gamepad focus of end-of-day cards.
  • Remove ability to focus on health / resolve bar on end-of-day screen, as it's rather pointless.
  • Update reticule handling on LocationScreen for consistency.  MENU_CANCEL backs out of reticule mode, focusing on options if available.
  • Bottle UI tooltips will show up when focused via gamepad.
  • Refresh upgrade reminders on the LootScreen if you perform upgrades while it is open.
  • Enable gamepad reticule inspector on LootScreen.
  • Set stencil buffer flags to default values before post processing. This fixes the black screen flash at end of day on some hardware.
  • Fix being able to confirm draft choice multiple times with gamepad, and incorrect animation if drafting while animating in.
  • Gamepad: Track last ally and enemy target in battle, and default focus to the last valid target for convenience.
  • Fix perk glow animation playing on non-played perks.
  • Remap scroll dialog to LT+RS.
  • Enable reticule in ConversationScreen.  Remove CycleLinks feature.
  • Fix occasional missing "Travel" control hint when returning from a convo to the Location plax.
  • Hide Early Access "Game Updates" button on main menu, as it is no longer hooked up to anything.
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