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How to roleplay Maxwell

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Maxwell is, on my opinion, a pretty selfish man who cares about the only himself. He wants to have a great power, and the greatest power he has is his mind, so he's clever and always strives to outsmart the others. With this in mind, that's how I prefer to roleplay him in public servers.


  • collect the valuable and rare resources

Whenewer you start the game, your goal is to access rare resources earlier than your teammates, so you'd be able to trade valuables. Allow yourself to play dirty: try to collect all pigskins, all gears and all gold/gems/toys before your friends will be able to place an alchemy engine. Make them dependent on you, whenewer it's possible. Let them trade will to trade with you. 

In order to do that, you should:

- craft one pickaxe and create a shadow slave. Whenewer you see gold stones, stop nearby and pick gold nuggets. If someone is near you and tries to use results of your labour, try to pick gold only (ignoring rocks) or simply move away so at least yout teammate will work by himself.

- as soon as you have enough resources, create science machine and make yorself a backpack and a shovel. Now you're able to collect more resources and dig graves. Trade all toys from graves to Pig King.

- if you see free gears, simply pick them. 

- as soon as possible craft hammer and destroy all pig heads and pig houses. Do not destroy pig houses in front of others: they may become angry. Do that when no one is watching and hide your hammer when it's not used. Also if you see someone is crafring pig houses, do not destroy it: you have no need in enemies.

While you may not show that you have tons of pigskins (because you'll need it for your own pig farm and helmets, or even saddle), you  should always tell everyone if you have gears and suggest them to trade. You don't have a lot usage of gears besides the icebox, and you don't need personal icebox at the start of the game anyway.

Also trade gold with wise price, but don't show that you have tons of it. Make tiny blackmarket. In case you don't have monopoly, just share the gold and try to look helpfull.

  • manage access to  craft stations.

Maxwell knows that knowledge is power. The earlier you have access to such craftables as backpack/shovel/hambat/helmet/log suite - the more you will be productive in game. Maxwell doesn't want to share the knowledge. When you place a science machine - do it in places which will not likely be visited/converted into base. If you have hammer and it's not likely that you'll return to the same place - destroy your science machine.

In case team already has science/alchemy engine - use theirs stations (do not destroy or fire them, be wise in making enemies). In case someone has started to use your machine - pretend to be usefull, so allow him to use it/base near it. Never confront people directly.

  • magic above all

Maxwell loves to do things other could not. So collecting 4 rabits after you have a backpack is good idea. If you have staves/life amulets and etc - you look more like a mage wearing rare staff. Also, it's realy easy to have mage station before anyone would build one: other people try to build crockpots and bird cages so you could be unique. My advice, however, would be to precraft Prestihatitator and not to place it untill you'll be able to craft something with it (better to place it only to pre-craft shadow manipulator, then destroy). However, it you craft it in some far-away rarely visited place, it's safe to live it for others because they won't likely have rare ingridients with them anyway.

Maxwell is actually a great character to craft shadow manipulator because he can summon axe-shadows and thus make a treeguard more likely to appear, so living log is easy to collect for him, plus digging graves provides a lot of gems for crafts.

Also, try to pick panflute first. If not - search for mandrakes.

Basing near pig king is very profitable for Maxwell: trading toys for gold, collecting pan flute, and perhaps glommer (for glommer goop) - it is pretty handy.

  • show your egoistic nature and move to caves

If you're prepared, go to caves. Maxwell is the only person who doesn't suffer from sanity loss in caves, so basing there is a great idea. You can build your pig farm underground to feed pigs with monster meat and regenerate pigskins, and no one would never know where all the pigs gone. You could feed on blue mashrooms as long as you want instead of crockpots. Be independent, and carefully move to ruins to collect even more rare resources like tulecite while others fight giants and suffer above.

Don't forget that you should build your cave base far enough from the entrances: people should not find you easily.

  • in case you don't like undeground style, become a beefalo owner

You can craft a beefalo hat before spring, and with all the collected pig skins create a saddle and become a king of the universe.You shadow slaves will chop trees and mine stones, while you - train your brave beefalo, collect food for it or even exchange gold for grass. Care about beefalo more than you care about your team, because beefalo's betrayal nature makes them more close to you than anyone of other survivors. LOL.

  • do / ask to do things which will please you

This includes creating chess floor, carpet floor or wooden floor; crafting statues, and plant the trees in a form of MAXWELL name. You can ask someone to plant trees in that way for a piece of gold for example.


Have fun, but remember that being total jerk mean you'll be likely kicked from the server. So don't ruin other's game)

Also please help me to improve the post above (because I know my English could be bad).


And tell your opinion regarding roleplay in don't starve: do you have such expierence? Does it seem funny to you? Thanks!

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5 hours ago, Grim the said:

Wow, this is great! It really embodies Maxwell's snobby nature. Are you gonna do another guide on roleplaying?

Hi. Grim

Yes, I plan to cover some other characters also.

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5 hours ago, Wendy C. said:

This is very very interesting. 

I may take notes from this. 

Oh, thank you very much! Pleased to hear that. 

I'm really interested in  how others play also (different characters), so would be cool to hear players dos and donts and other things to take notes from that)

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