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Alone world mob health change

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Since single player don't starve is dead, most single player customers are forced to play don't starve together because it receives new content. Can you at least help us out and if it's a alone world not have mobs have double health. Many players like myself don't have friends who play this game and we don't want to join a world full of randoms. Thank you.

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On 6/8/2021 at 1:24 PM, CarlZalph said:


Please don't be afraid to custom tailor the game to your desires with mods.

Mods are definitely cool and i saw others but in the long run it wouldn't help users on console and the mod would get fairly outdated fast at the pace of which Klei is updating the game. Its a simple request by many, if its a alone world the game should configure the health of mobs to that of single Don't Starve. I saw on a poll that more than half of the current players play solo and we have to fight mobs with health meant for 3 people. It isn't hard its just long and tedious and you pretty much have to cheese the boss. 

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