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Need help with an emote mod (detailed)

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Hello everyone, I am currently working on a emote mod where you hug your friends either for comfort or sanity purposes. I had an issue while working on the mod where I had the code become recognizable to the game, but the images/animation became blank. I tried to fix that but I made the situation way worse than it should be. It introduced the label "crashed" under it and i couldn't open the world anymore with the mod enabled. I have the animation already down and build to a specific folder, and I have already decided to start over on the coding aspects for the mod. I just really need help with the coding for the mod, this is my first time creating a emote mod ever. 

I just wanna say first, yes I have used another mod for this. It was the default dance mod (yea I know cringe)

I use Visual Studio Code for this mod the image below was the old code for my first try its a modinfo.lua 



The second one was my mod main again I used the default dance mod to help me out with this please don't lash on me about it. 


but this is really what I had including the anim build. I would really love some help on this mod, if anyone knows how to do this please let me know 

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