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So, the release date got announced for the day after tomorrow. 1.6.2021, today is 30.5.2021. In two days' time, we'll have to bid farewell to expiremental and the state of early access. So, here's a big old' thread for any memories from early access you want to share. Screenie or story, all goes.

With that in mind, I'd love to go through some of my memories. Screenshots. A lot of them. I went through all of my screenies and picked the best of the best to show off. I've got way too many I'd love to share, and I've already shared a bunch of these, but compromises have to be made.

One last mega screenie dump before we enter the future!488764922_1costdrinks.thumb.jpg.13bd54a255b924e96485cc1d1b503e87.jpg

You remember how the UI used to be? Ah, brings back memories. Back when the UI was clunky and prestiges were 15. 803079569_Blacklist30.thumb.jpg.251bf91f822216180c344edfe92a3250.jpg

Mega blacklists are always so fun.


Y'all remember when the rise capture Oolo?


I remain of the opinion that debuff.dek is the best Rook deck.


I really loved this. sadly, it was changed. why


Ah, back when I was new to the game and something as simple as this was worth a screencap. Still brings a tear to my eye.


Y'all remember the old smith trial? It was so fun! Man, back then I thought 32 moxie was a lot.


I remain of the opinion that Kickochet is one of the best card names that can be.262380089_SmothBriefcases.thumb.jpg.24238f9d79f787fc20f0e61870f8467d.jpg

Another funny card description.


My first, and so far, only speedrun. I literally felt motion-sick afterwards. it hurt.


I must remind you of the classic tale of Seemli lacking plot armour, too.


I keep reminding y'all of that 24-15 run I did so long ago. Man that was great.

Here are some highlights from it:


My stomach-ache turning into a hemorrhage.532122089_(17)ImALIVE!.thumb.jpg.38ae887f56ddf0c6830b1e26ff0b68ab.jpg

This day 2 was... rough.1706899769_(11)TakingSides.thumb.jpg.2c876fe78095cab014697ba85be8a577.jpg

Remember Legacies and Generations?


Winning a negotiation with 0 resolve.1058314151_(45)Discretion.thumb.jpg.59a95b0db2731d6608f2dedabfa7a2cc.jpg2117712139_(46)Discretionpart2.thumb.jpg.20593df3634a74ab757b607c7fdfecea.jpg

Here, the classic tale of discretion.1211298019_(END3)Finally.thumb.jpg.d8294a543b1d2b54047a8494e5f3a815.jpg

I remember when I got this screenie. I was so excited.887072767_TheySayALotOfThings.thumb.jpg.b6b2aef8f03aeded8de8839d2f581f37.jpg

They say a lot of things, Frizz. Some of them are even funny!boglandscape.thumb.jpg.30dd6df214d46fd5e72eb8746c698d98.jpg

A small reminder of how pretty this game is.



Here's a few funny placeholders. The devs may have tried to erase them from the game, but their memory will live on!




Tax evasion, it seems.


Did you know that you can actually meet the Admiral herself in the game - the legendary Gaft?20210329112509_1.thumb.jpg.dec27b4f9f622d6262bb05228d1b6691.jpg

This was an important run for me. 58 kills was a huge record for me, I dare any of you to best it. Ignore the graveyard of Hunting Kashio runs it's sitting amidst.


The old ending to that Smith test.


But yeah. Expiremental is soon to be over. I probably have at least three hundred runs in the game, if we count the ones from before runs began to be counted. It's going to be weird seeing Griftlands in the steam bar instead of Griftlands [Expiremental].

Maybe this is a bit of a nostalgia trip for some of you, this mega-dump. It certainly is for me. I hope to see this thread full of dialogue you found funny, placeholders, bugs, awesome moments, agonizing failures and everything else.

Let's remember all the fun we've had in early access before the full launch and more fun!

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