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various ideas:

- coal moss, a peat like plant that makes coal

- volta pile, turns refined metals into raw metals plus power

- metal ruster a building that turns [water, salt water, brine] and refined metals into raw metals and hydrogen

- metal ruster can further turn raw iron into rust

- gas rocket that uses gas oxidizer (oxygen) and gas fuel (hydrogen, natural gas)

- arc heater that uses refined carbon and lots of power to make rock melting heat

-rtg, takes radioactive material and metal, produces power, heat and radiation

-spacecraft version of rtg

-proton accelerator, takes power and hydrogen, produces radiation

- a planetoid with a thin (10-50g) atmosphere, pro  unlimited gas, con: no solar

-wrap around maps, panning left will eventually take you right, would give the maps a more spherical feel

- when dupelicants go get breath they keep holding their item and resume what they previously were doing, (would prevent infinite loops in situations like items at the bottom of a central ladder being taken dropped and taken again)

- salt electrolizers makes hydrogen and chlorine

- make liquid ethanol count as sterile environment

- a food preservation station

- salted meat and fish

-radiators, passively provide small amounts of cooling, require space exposure to work

-unmanned one way survey rockets that serve as a early game way to explore space

- being able to put a telescope in a spacecraft

-the ability to vent capsules to space. would give an easy way to get rid of hard to remove gases like chlorine

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20 hours ago, robotic_gamer said:

- being able to put a telescope in a spacecraft

Iirc you can still do that. It just needs to be near the wall of the capsule and it will work thanks to some weirdness with sky detection (works better on the left side).

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I love this game no lie but i wish you could change the immediate surroundings of the first asteroid leave it how it is but allow the player to change the surroundings you can already shuffle the seed so why not allow the surroundings?

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