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  1. It would be nice if dupes went to a triage cot automatically when their health dropped below a certain percentage. I occasionally have my dupes do construction in scalding temperatures and it is annoying to have to keep a close eye on them and send them to triage before they drop.
  2. I accidentally managed to build an oxygen supercompresser in my space capsule apparently only the bottom tile is checked for pressure in oxyfern. so co2 is pumped in and fills up the bottom 4 tiles and is slowly converted back to oxygen where it all goes into that tile. dupes can supply the plant from below for some reason. I'm too scared I'll break it if I try to improve it.
  3. another option for radiation is nuclear waste which can be made by colliding radbolts - if you super compress (using airflow tiles as walls) nuclear waste you can get an arbitrarily large amount of radiation methods of supercompressing - exploit the bug were nuclear waste likes to leak out of plumbing - freeze the nuclear waste, stockpile in the chamber then heat it up - have the radbolt collusions occur inside the chamber methods for getting radbolts out of this - some radiation will leak out of the chamber - take advantage that radbolts can travel in diagonals while liquids can't
  4. most of my knowledge is theory or possibly outdated but a few ideas - obsidian radbolt generators can slowly heat it up to 2700C - you can get molten steel for using as refinery coolant by running a steel kiln in a vaccum then dropping it through mesh tile onto a steel pump.(a few trys are needed to get the steel mesh up to temperature and you need to replace the pump every time - then run the molten steel through multiple refineries in series until it is nearly boiling then drop it on the wolframite - I recommend insulated pipes of ceramic to transport the molten steel - to cool down the molten tungsten without forming blocks, make it flow long distances (with multiple vertical levels) until it stops flowing. then slowly cool from end of the flow going upstream until its all cooled down. this way your freezing the smallest amount that can flow at a time which shouldn't form blocks. edit:in theory you could make liquid steel with obsidian radbolt generators
  5. the main issue I have with mutant plants is the lack of a good radiation source. shinebugs move around but need space to breed, wheezeworts cool and are a finite resource. space radiation is insufficient when you take into account the walling to keep it in air. the crashed satellite is not at your main planetoid. the nuclear reactor runs on a finite resource and makes a lot of heat. the only partial solution is liquid nuclear waste but to get enough radiation you either need to super compress it or use a planter box and make sure the tile below it and are diagonal to it are full of nuclear waste. the problem with this its very hard to get that much nuclear waste outside of exploits/bugs.
  6. puft princes seem to be repeatedly be getting stuck in place. the spot they get stuck appears random. they won't finish expelling waste or lay eggs when at 100%. dupes will try to call them to be groomed forever without success. attacking them does not result in movement. the ranches they are in are 4 wide by 24 tall. the ranches they are defined by open doors so they are efficiently in a super ranch that is 34 wide by 42 tall. saving then loading appears to get them unstuck.
  7. on the layer before space the vacuum pockets that spawn can apparently overwrite the neutronium (see image)
  8. I feel licey balm lily should probably be blacklisted too since with a passive radiation source its free food.
  9. when nuclear waste is put in a liquid reservoir that is submerged in nuclear waste, after the reservoir is full after about 0.25-0.5 cycles the nuclear waste gets emptied out of the reservoir for now apparent reason. I have been able to reproduce this reliably enough that I am using it in a nuclear waste supercompresser.I also suspect this may happen with stagnant pipes. related to this is the I seem to have a lot more nuclear waste then I should, making me think there is some sort of nuclear waste replication going on.