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You know how there is the refinery building that Klei has given us for making crude oil into petroleum? And how you can also build a petroleum boiler yourself that does the same thing but more efficiently (and more complexly)? 

Or how we have the desalinator, but you can build a water boiler yourself as well that is more efficient.


I would love to see the same concept applied to nuclear reactors (as scary as that seems). It would be super cool to have to place a critical mass of uranium in a chamber, hit it with a rad bolt or something to kickstart the reaction, and cool it with water or face a massive explosion and subsequent uranium slug melting through your base. It could even be controlled via graphite reactor control rods that must be carefully placed/inserted. This could be the successor to the “research reactor” The possibilities in thinking about this just keep going on and on!

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@ElectricStingray Dis gread ! :encouragement:

Many light years ago, when the moon was inside the 7th sun, I suggested a multi component reactor with all its little levers and pullers.

Also, there is some RBMK thread about wishes, dreams and hopes.

image.png.efcf9a75f3d8bb9c5d66ba188bef3d51.pngStill no amazing flowing Lava Corium graphics + Elephant Foot :confused::confused::confused:


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